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Feast of St. Boniface Parish Picnic

We had a good turnout for our annual KC sponsored Feast of St. Boniface Parish Picnic which included a tour of the custom van from Alpha Women’s Center for free pregnancy testing. There was also a celebration cake for Father Alex!

There was a Free Will offering with all proceeds going to the Alpha Women’s Center


National Eucharistic Pilgrimage

May 17 – July 16, 2024

This will be one of the largest Eucharistic pilgrimages in history. Just as crowds followed Christ throughout his earthly ministry, our nation will process with our Eucharistic Lord over 6,500 miles—through cities, along highways, and past rural towns—on his way to the 10th National Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis Indiana

More Information

Link to details on Archdiocesan Website:
Link to National Eucharistic Revival Website:
Link to Marian Route of the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage:
Link to Northeast Minneapolis Procession Info
Link to Source and Summit Procession Info (St. Paul Cathedral)

Despite the Snowy Weather We Still Had a Good Turnout for Our 2024 Ham Bingo Event of Nearly 200 People!



KC Super Bowl Event at ICC


MCCL March for Life 2024

Thousands of people showed up January 22 for the MCCL (Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life) March for Life event at the St. Paul Cathedral and St. Capital Building steps for a program showing support to try and end the recently passed radical up to birth abortion measures passed by the Minnesota legislators and Governor Walz. This was one of the largest crowds ever for a MCCL event which hopefully will send a message to our legislators to stop further pro-abortion laws. No actual attendance numbers estimate yet published


We had 12 Faith Formation Entries in our Annual Knights of Columbus “Keep Christ in Christmas” Poster Contest

There were three age categories for Winners:

Ages 5-7, Ages 8-11 and Ages 12-14

Poster Winners

Ages 5-7 (Kindergarten & Grade 1-2) Anastasia (Kindergarten)

Ages 8-11 (Grade 3&4) Ava

 Ages 12-14 (Grade 7&8) Genna

Each Winner Will Receive a $25 Cash Prize and All Other Participants Will Receive a $5 Award


Big thanks to all the Knights, spouses and their kids that showed up after Dec 17th Sunday’s Mass to help create 20 Christmas Cheer baskets to distribute to some of our elderly parishioners!


District 4th Degree Knights Gathering and KC Meeting March 12th

There is a planned 4th degree Knights of Columbus District gathering on March 12th in Fellowship Hall. This would include participation in the 6:30PM Mass, a meal after Mass, followed by a KC meeting in Fellowship Hall. The meal will be catered, and all our Council Members are invited to attend as well.


Thanks to all the KCs and Family Members for donating their time and efforts to make this year’s Knights of Columbus Turkey Bingo Successful again!

We had an estimated little over 200 people turn out for Bingo on a beautiful mid 50-degree day

Bingo Chairperson Steve Thurk would like to thank all who helped in any way to make this another Bingo success. Thank you for the setup and teardown crew, the kitchen staff and those that picked up and distributed the 40 turkeys, to the front desk staff that collected money and distributed the tickets for the door prizes, thanks to the Bingo runners and Bingo callers and for the staff that helped collect the coverall money and also Mick in his corner office. And anyone else I forgot, thank you ALL!


Successful Spass-Tagen 2023

We had a good turnout of St. Boniface Knights of Columbus members to help with three shifts of our 2023 Spass-Tagen KC Food Booth led by Bill Blinstrup.

Below is a Dropbox link to 5 Min 39 Sec video documenting Spass-Tagen with 152 photos.  Fun time even if it did rain a bit!  Thanks Bill Blinstrup for leading the KC Booth effort and also to all the St. Boniface Knights of Columbus that volunteered to help with our KC Booth!
NOTE: You may need to close a Dropbox Login window – Not required to watch the video or view photos
Spass-Tagen 2023 Video:
Spass-Tagen 2023 Photos:

Successful KC Ham Bingo 2023

We raised $2,500 from our KC Ham Bingo; We plan to donate $1,000 to the Alpha Center Pregnancy Support Service$500 to the Gift of Life House Transplant House in Rochester, $800 to Love Inc. with a focus on the St. Hubert’s (Chanhassen) efforts to buy baby cribs and diapers for young struggling mothers and the final $200 will be given to Southwest Options for Women in Eden Prairie to buy diapers and baby supplies for new needy mothers.

Attendance estimates showed a very successful event with 150 to 160 people attending. 40 (10-pound) hams were given out as prizes, and we had door prizes between all 40 games! The big cover-all prize was $174 . . . thanks to all the Knights and family that came and helped with the event!

Below is a link to another Webpage to View a 2 minute 4 second Video Documenting the Entire Bingo Event


KC Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Winners

Our St. Boniface Knights of Columbus Council wishes to congratulate the 2022 Keep Christ in Christmas poster winners!

Each Poster Winner will receive $25 – Every student who participated in the poster contest will receive a $10 Award Prize

Francis Reffkin  Ages 5-7

Lauren Tellers  Ages 8-10

Alena Smith  Ages 11-14


Hugely Successful KC Turkey Bingo

Our St. Boniface Knights of Columbus Council wishes to thank all the KCs and their spouses and kids along with some parishioners that donated time and efforts to help make our first KC Turkey Bingo so extremely successful!

A good portion of our bingo profits will go to the “Box of Joy” charitable organization that will deliver Christmas presents (Box of Joy) to needy children around the world – some who have probably never received a Christmas gift before

Click PLAY Arrow > To Watch a Short 1 Min 18 Sec Video of the Bingo Event


Our St. Boniface Knights of Columbus Council held a hot dog and hamburger eat out and campfire gathering to welcome our two new members Todd Schultz and Chris Reffkin, bringing our KC Council membership to 50 members!

We welcome other men in the parish to join our Council and share the faith and comradery. If interested, please contact our Grand Knight Nathan Smith

Welcome Todd and Chris!



This year in addition to our famous sweet corn we added sno-cones which turned out to be a big success with the kids! Having both sweet corn and sno-cones, we more than doubled our profits at our Spass-Tagen KC booth as compared to last year.

We received 922 Spass-Tagen tickets ($1 each) during our day of effort, which minus all expenses brought us a little over $500 in net profit – incredible! Twenty of our council’s Knights donated their time this year to bring the success we had. We also had help from three very able parishioner kids

BIG Thanks to All!

Click HERE to watch a 2 Min 21 Sec Video Documenting our day

NOTE: You may need to close a Dropbox login window – not needed to view the video


Our Grand Knight Nathan Smith wishes to announce that our St. Boniface Knights of Columbus Council 12029 helped donate funds, along with other surrounding KC Councils towards a grand total of $28,237.95 to purchase a new Ultrasound Machine for Southwest Options for Women in Eden Prairie!


Congratulations to both Megan and Joseph of our St. Boniface parish in receiving a $1,500 scholarship each for their continuing education from our St. Boniface Knights of Columbus Council 12029!


In celebration of raising over $110,000 selling firewood for charitable needs since our start in October of 2010, we had 25 people, including Knights of Columbus and their families join together for a fun celebratory party at Grumpy’s on Main Street

Click HERE to View a 1 Minute 3 Second Video of the Event


An estimated 110 people attended our Knights of Columbus sponsored Feast of St. Boniface picnic!

We served homemade hamburgers and hotdogs from our local St. Boniface Cathy Mackenthun’s butcher along with sauerkraut, fried onions, assorted chips and other condiments. We also served root beer floats and sno-cones and had many fun games for the kids and parents.

Please click HERE to watch a 2 minute 4 second video of the entire event


An estimated 200 people attended our highly successful

April 10th Palm Sunday 2022 KC Ham Bingo Event!

We also had help from 28 Knights of Columbus and their family members!

Click HERE to View 2 Min 32 Sec Video of the Event


On Monday December 20th, our St. Boniface Knights of Columbus once again created Christmas Cheer Baskets delivering 19 baskets of Christmas cheer to homebound and elderly parishioners. The St. Bonifacius Fire Department again this year escorted our KC members on our route around St. Bonifacius to deliver the 2021 Christmas Cheer baskets

Click HERE to Download a Video of the Delivery of the Christmas Cheer Baskets



The St. Boniface Knights of Columbus have selected the three winners from our Keep Christ in Christmas poster contest. The winners are noted below in each of the three age categories

Each winner will receive $25 and get a chance to go onto the KC District contest

Congratulations to the three winners!

Poster Winners Are:

Ages 5-7 Francis Reffkin
Ages 8-10 Quinn Gothmann
Ages 11-14 Miccah Bonick
Ages 5-7 Francis Reffkin
Ages 8-10 Quinn Gothmann
Ages 11-14 Miccah Bonick

St. Boniface Council Group Photo

All Souls Day Mass October 2021


On Sunday Oct 10th, 2021, our Knights of Columbus Council 12029 received one of the highest Knights of Columbus awards possible for achieving 250% of our membership and activity goals and Supreme requirements to receive this award. In honor of receiving that prestigious award plaque, our KC group hosted a hot dog noon treat meal. The KC Double Star award plaque is hanging on the north wall above the light in the west Fellowship Hall entrance front lobby. Thanks to Nathan Smith, our Grand Knight and the efforts of all our Council 12029 Members for achieving this notable award!


Spass-Tagen September 11th was a great success . . . We sold all our sweet corn at our KC Booth!

Click HERE to Watch a 2 Min 33 Sec Video of the Event



We made Star Council!


Star Awards recognize outstanding achievement in membership, insurance, programming, and overall operations. Earning a Star Award is the marker of a high preforming Knights of Columbus unit and the goal to which every council, district, and assembly should strive. Star Council, Star District and Star Assembly Awards can be earned by completing criteria designed specifically for each division of the Knights of Columbus.


New Added 8 FT Wood Shed Roof Addition

Finished Shed Roof Structure Should Be Able to Hold 40 Cords of Wood!


KC Sponsored Altar Server Pizza Party


Anointing Mass and Three Soup Luncheon November 2019


KC Pizza Celebration  Tuesday October 8th


MCCL March for Life – January 22, 2019 at St. Paul Capital Building


National March for Life – Washington DC

ClickHERE to View Video


Stand Out in the Crowd! Get Your RED St. Boniface Polo Shirt for $10


Way to go St. Boniface Knights!

Thanks go out to: Jerry Mader, Ralph Widmer, Jerry Thurk, Dan Burkhart, Michael Smith, Joe Manshak, Dale Heitz, Nate Smith, Scott Vanderlinde and Mick Segner for helping!

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