4th Degree Assembly 2649

Our Council is Associated with the Christ the King 4th Degree Assembly 2649

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Congratulations to GK Steve Thurk and Jerry Mader for achieving 4th Degree Sir Knight level on July 15, 2017!


4th Degree Regalia Through the Years:

New Regalia Coming This Year!

Some KC Trivia: The beret hatted 4th Degree Sir Knight uniform is actually the third version. First uniform had a white tie and top hat which was replaced in 1940. The feather hat and cape version lasted unchanged until 1981 when they added different color capes and chapeaus. Starting mid year 2017 the Knights of Columbus are transitioning to the military guard beret hat version going forward. Supreme office are offering discounts for members with older regalia to purchase the new uniform / regalia.

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